The LOVE of my life!

Hello again!!!

So a couple of weeks ago, my mother surprised me with a Kitchen Aid which has changed my life.  As weird as that sounds, these little expensive machine has change my cooking life.  I had been wanting one for the last 6 months.  I've been using a mixer for the last few years which would start giving out after 5 minutes of use.  Look below at the beautiful mixers:
Aren't they beautiful?  I got the blue ice color (2nd row 2nd to the left) and I LOVE it!  I always thought that maybe I would regret my choice of color but not even for a second.  I mean I might want to get a different color in the future, but so far, I just look at it and love it.  I feel like the color is so unisex so even when I get married, it's not going to be too girly.
Most common questions include: What have you made so far?  What is your favorite thing about the mixer?  Is it worth the price?  Why should anyone invest in a kitchen aid?
What have I made so far?:

I want to try to make bread, cinnamon rolls, more cookies, and cakes!  I just want to make so much using it.  It's been the BEST investment ever!
What is your favorite thing about the mixer? - The BEST thing about the mixer is the fact that you have to do LESS work.  You put the ingredients in and let the mixer do the rest.  I literally just put an apron on and it's always clean by the end of whatever i'm making. This mixer lets you be lazy and lets you multitask.  You can't mess any recipe while using this mixer.  
Is it worth the price? - The Kitchen Aid is expensive and they run anywhere from $300-$800.  I'm sure you could probably find something a little less expensive (around $250) but you'l find that most mixers will be from $300-$450.  You can buy add-ons which will cost at least $30 per add-on, but these things are worth it.  My mom also bought a flat head with a silicone scrap on one side.  Very handy while making frosting.  
Why should anyone invest in a kitchen aid? - Why would anyone NOT want to invest in a kitchen aid. That's the question to ask.  haha.  If you are questioning yourself on investing in this mixer, do IT!  It's worth the price and worth having less stress in making delicious food at home.  You will realize that this mixer can do lots of things besides the normal cookie making.  This mixer can make pastas, soup, bread, etc.  It makes so much.  The kitchen aid is very easy to use and not to mention the clean up is ridiculously EASY!  Just don't think about it and get it!!!

Alright, alright, alright…Well it's time to go eat the pizza I just baked.  I used the recipe that came with the kitchen aid. I have never made pizza dough before but now it's been the easiest recipe I've ever made.  I can't wait to use other recipes to make delicious food.

Until next time,