This post is dedicated to the best mexican I know.  I may not know a lot of them but i'm definitely am loving one of them.

Dear Naakai,

I remember the first time I really met you.  I thought you were a crazy mexican.  haha.  We really started talking during FHE in November 2013.  You came to my apartment and I accidentally hit Parker in a place where I shouldn't have and then you came and sat next to me. We talked for a little and I knew I wanted you in my life.  I asked why we don't hang out and you said you really didn't do much at all.  I think I remember we both gave each other our phone numbers and we texted that night.  We chatted and had had fun getting to know each other.  
We went to Starbucks where you got tea and I got pumpkin spice drink which was amazing.  We laughed about the most random thing and you kept saying, "wonderful!" I remember that and kept thinking you must be very intellectual.  We then went to the mall to walk around and hang out.  It was really fun and I enjoyed being around you.  We then hung out with Parker afterwards and then I left.  Best night of my life! :)

I remember we got to know each other more and more.  Who would have ever thought my spirits could be alive again.  I had been stressed out to the max and had been so frustrated with so many things.  We talked about doing this and that. That Sunday at church was really fun because we joked around the whole time.  We made fun of each other and took tons of pictures.  Church was always fun with you around.  Then you sent pictures to some friends on my phone when I wasn't nearby.  I had friends ask me who you were and how we needed to pay attention during church.  It was really funny!  
That day we went to break the fast and I was so tired but you were there to crack me up. You of course took my phone and took tons of pictures that i later saw and laughed my head off.  I just realized I didn't post any here.  Dang it :( We hung out that night while I tried to do homework. Yeah, it didn't work very well but we took pictures of our exciting lives that weren't really exciting.  haha.  We had fun and that's all that matters.  I kept you up latewhen you had 7am work.  
I remember the next week (Monday) I went to your Living Legends rehearsals and thought it was SO much fun!  I was so amazing at how hard working you are and how much you wanted me to see the native american dance.  I didn't really care for it very much but you wanted me to see them.  You always kept talking about a dance that you loved in navajo.  To this day I'm still not even sure what dance you love. But here is a picture of us afterwards.  
You ALWAYS gave me hand signal (below) that I couldn't understand why you did it.  Whenever you did that I always laughed because it was so funny and different.  During the times i wanted to give you a high five, you would always do this to me and I would have no choice but to laugh because it was really funny.  I still do it to this day. 
We always seem to be doing something crazy like taking pictures.  Here is one we took at my apartment one night after I made up gnocchi and caesar salad.  For a navajo, I don't cook very much so being able to cook for you was something different.  it was fun thought to hang out.  
Remember this night!  It was our ward Thanksgiving Dinner that I was in charge of.  It was so funny and fun.  We were SO over it before it ended.  Remember afterwards I kept trying to decide if I should go to my friends birthday in Park City.  Turns out that it was snowing so hard in Park City and i couldn't get ahold of my friend.  I was thinking, "how the heck am I supposed to get back to Provo!" But we danced and had fun outside throwing snow at each other.  It was great.  I literally didn't even think we would make it back it back to Provo in one piece.  i'm not even joking.  Then on top of that, we had to stop by Smiths to get stuff for the next night.  The girl at the store didn't even know what the little onion crunchies were so we left without it.  So crazy!  Then before that, we had to put air in the tire right when we left the hotel.  But this is our crazy picture at the Thanksgiving Dinner.   
One thing I have realized that you can't live without is ketchup.  EVERYTHING we ate had some ketchup.  I remember going to the store and having to stock up on ketchup because I didn't want to make something and you not have ketchup to make it "taste" better.  You put anything and everything on this sandwich.  Remember you called me fat because I got two packages of turkey meat and I was like, "whatever".  That was so funny!  
 Target is my favorite place to go and I really enjoy so I thought you might enjoy it.  We walked by the kids helmets and you tried this on.  You tried to get me to try it on but I was scared that my head was going to be too big for it so I didn't dare try it on.  I regretted it afterwards but this picture was so funny.
Remember that night you had to pick me up from the airport (well the many times).  I took you to Nordstrom for the first time and you LOVED it!  I don't remember what you got but you LOVED it!  The idiot that I am didn't bring a jacket and you told me i was stupid for not bringing it.  One of the many times you were right.  haha.  But we had lots of fun there.  
So we tried to do homework which turned into photography night again. lol.  You can never take a good picture…EVER!  I learned to start taking crazy pictures with you and I learned to love life a little more.  Once again, you are always teaching me to be better.  Thank you for that!  Thank you for letting me live my life a little bit more. :) People always tell you they love your green eyes, but there's so much behind those green eyes.  There is a scared boy (hahaha..jk) that is trying to make the world a little better.  You are just out there making people's lives better which you did to mine.  
Remember station 22?  We had bomb food.  Actually everything i ordered always reverted back to, "I should have just gotten a salad"…and you always got mad at me for that.  haha.  This particular time we laughed so hard about asking you who your favorite person is and you saying yourself.  Then you asked if that was bad and I, of course, said YES!  HAHAHA.  We laughed so hard.  The last night you and i hung out, I got mad because you said i wasn't and i have to say i'm sorry.  I was just being emotional and crazy at that time.  i regret it everyday but am so glad i have that experience to learn from.  I can't reiterate enough how sorry I am for that night.  
oh yes….I remember this night very clearly.  I wore my necklace that I got from JCrew ($50) and then you decided to play around with it which meant you broke my necklace.  I hadn't even had my necklace for more than a week.  I wasn't mad but kept thinking that Amber (my cousin) would make it. Sure enough she fixed it and told us to stop making out.  hahahaha.  But my family fell in love with you really fast and they thought you were so cute.  lol.
 Oh this night was funny!  We went to Wal Mart late at night so I could get some stuff as usual.  I needed some Caesar Salad and of course in the blizzard of everything, you wore shorts.  We made it there safely and took pictures as usual.  I have to laugh because it was one of many trips taken after 10 pm.  We were always out doing something crazy.  I remember when you stuck that tongue out, I would try to grab it and only ONCE I got ahold of it and you were so disgusted.  haha. After this trip we went home and ate caesar salad of course.  You became a caesar salad lover.  We figured out that we could only get caesar salad at Smiths because it was the best brand. We always made sure it wasn't the "lite" stuff.  Real fatties we were.  hahaha.
One thing you did quite often was cook for me.  I wished you cooked more mexican food for me but we stuck with the american food.  I LOVED learning about your culture so much.  Anyways this night, I made you bake pizza for us for dinner.  It was so DELICIOUS!  I couldn't believe how good it was.  You knew i hate mushrooms so you made sure not to include it on my side of the pizza.  We were always laughing while we ate.  Remember that time we had "soggy nachos"…I think about that often and now wonder if you never made mexican food for me because I made fun of the soggy nachos.  lol. It was just a different taste and now I wish you were here to teach me the Carlos ways in mexican food.  
…..this time I didn't get scared if the helmet was going to fit me.  I was there to have a good time and it worked! Target works miracles…you don't think so but I do.  
This is the night that we went to the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas concert.  It was freaking awesome! We were racing up to the concert and we made it.  It was so good!  I now regret having to wait that whole time.  We should have just gone up there early and hung out. But we had fun with my cousin, wendy, and milo.  Those were the memories.  Not to mention the food we had afterwards.  You were so nice to drive us all there and get us back safely...

…speaking of driving.  You and those duck lips.  I would always try to grab them and I don't think I ever grabbed them once. Maybe I did now that I think about it.  You always did this pose while driving and I always laughed about it.  Once again you were making me laugh and it was the best part of my life.  I couldn't be more excited to have someone as special, as patient, and as loving as you were.  i didn't deserve it but you made the best of it for me.  Thank you. 

I miss you more than words can describe.  I miss that sense of humor and that mexican accent you have.  I often think about the adventures we would be up to right now if we were still together.  I think we would have been complaining about how hot it is outside and then we would have been wanting to go do something crazy outside.  I think the pool would have been calling our names as well as the country club foooood! hahaha.  You are not replaceable and I wish we could work things out.  It's not going to happen, but yet a wish is a wish.  The last night we hung out was the funniest.  i was so pissed that I missed my flight and you were kind of enough to tell me you would get me some Dr. Pepper and we ate at Ihop.  hahaha.  I don't even know how I have gotten through this far without you and I'm amazed at how much I've accomplished so far.  

I love you naakai and I miss you!

Love always,

Lauren (in your mexican accent) :)