New Year, New Hopes!

I've been thinking a lot of my life and how to be better. Don't worry I've been able to take into consideration all the great things I've done so far. I've thought about what i want to accomplish this year. Here it goes! 
1) Take the LSAT in August or October. This is going to be rough for me with work and school. I know I can do it. This summer will not be about play time anymore but it's really something I want to do. Anybody want to study with me? :) 
2) Become more mentally healthier. It's been hard for me to open up to others. My past has not been the best but I'm ready to let go of the past. I've planned to implement and learn more about the Atonement more. I'm also going to a counselor to figure out coping ways with my anxiety. I'm just so ready to let go of some things. I'm ready to be more open with others. Ryan has been such a great support with me and has helped me see the good in me. He has made me want to be better. With that being said, I know mental health is an important one for me. 
3) Be kinder to myself. Wow. No need to say more about this except I want to be able to know I'm a great person. One night Ryan made the comment to me that when he offers compliments I don't take them. It's true. I've made a goal to tell myself 3 great things I've done every day. It's been hard and I keep thinking about how stupid I must sound. It's been so hard but I hope with the help of mental counseling and the Atonement I can start seeing all the things I do. 
4) Service. I want to serve more. I want to get more involved with the community and with people from my ward. I want to be a better visiting teacher and a better friend. I want to be able to serve my family and see all the wonderful things they do for me.  I have friends that are always in need or need a shoulder to cry on or somebody to listen to them. 
5) Have a stronger relationship with my Heavenly Father through prayer. I always seem to cry every single time in my personal prayers. Heavenly Father has done so much for me and I couldn't possibly ask Him for anything yet I still do. Prayer has helped me in so many ways. I am able to feel comfort and peace in my life because of prayer. How blessed I am to know I am a daughter of God. 

I sit here and think about how blessed I am for a loving family and for the gospel that has helped me be where I am today. As one of the only active church member in my family I've felt so much burden through my family's problems. I've felt like I had to be a stronger person in my life. It's been overwhelming at times and I have felt alone. I struggle to be patient with my family because of the choices they've made and know their lives would be better if they would instill the gospel more in their lives. How blessed I feel today and how blessed I am to have a knowledge of the gospel. I now know I'm part of my family for a reason and I know Heavenly Father has faith in me to serve others especially my family. 

Until next time,