I have a problem...

These past weeks have been a learning experience for me.  It has taken me some years to realize what I'm about to tell you.  It all started with the love of fashion.  It all started with a plastic card that swipes and I am able to get what I want when I want.  
I have a shopping problem.  My emotions are heightened when i'm not able to get some sort of shopping done.  BUT don't worry though...I don't get into debt with my shopping addiction.  I always make sure I have money in my checking account and I always try to budget in if i'm going to buy something rather expensive.  There is a store or two that just gets the best of me EVERY SINGLE TIME!  Every time I walk into this store, it's like a breath of fresh air.  I get so happy and giddy every time I walk into this store.  I'm sure by the time you have read this far, you know what store I'm talking about..... 
 The new Nordstrom opened up at City Creek last month (as shown above).  I LOVE the mall. It's so beautiful especially at night.  The cool thing about the Nordstrom at City Creek is at night you are able tweet a color you want to show on the LED screen board on the west side of Nordstrom.  It looks like the picture below.  Isn't it so pretty?!  Oh my gosh.  The other night we went and walked around and it was absolutely gorgeous.  I just love it.  Most people think i'm crazy because of how much I shop and want to be there, but it seriously is my stress reliever.  Even if i'm just wandering around, I already feel the stress leaving me.  It's so beautiful. I will include a video of how to change the LED lights at Nordstrom at City Creek in Salt Lake.  
Here is the video of the LED wall changing colors based on a tweet. I don't have a twitter account, but I'm going to take someone there that has a twitter account.  If you have one and want to go, TELL ME!!!!
This is a picture of Brett and I on Thursday night walking around City Creek.  It seriously was so pretty.  It was so quiet at night and all you could hear is yourself thinking and talking.  The waterfalls at City Creek is absolutely beautiful.  I want to go there every week but that may or may not ever happen.  
 Now you must ask what I'm going to do about my shopping problem.  I have decided to get rid of shoes, clothes, purses, etc. before I can get anything new.  I decided that if I want something, I need to think about it for at least 2 weeks.  If i think about it for more than a month, I must really like it.  :) I have been thinking about a purse I want and I'm pretty sure i'm going to go get sometime soon.  I'm trying to learn how to be a better consumer and not get everything i want.  My dad probably thinks I'm crazy, but i know he loves me. ANYTIME you want to go to City Creek and need someone to go with you, please ask me.  If i'm unavailable, Nyles Alder works for Nordstrom and would LOVE to help you in whatever you need.  He has been amazing to me and has helped me so much!  I just love him so much :) 

Until my next Nordstrom trip,