It's that time again....

The Masters is B-A-C-K!!! Oh how excited I am to watch the Masters.  Nothing brings me more pleasure and excitement than the Masters tournament.  Since last week, I have been scoping out the http:/// website to see who the pairings are, what amateurs are playing, and what players didn't make the cut.  I normally don't root for Tiger Woods, but I am going to this year.  A lot of people don't like him because of his scandal, but I think he plays the game of golf so wonderfully and with such poise. He is making his 18th appearance at the Masters tournament and has won this tournament four times.  He has spent half of his life playing in this tournament.  That is so awesome and amazing.  I have included a couple of pictures of Tiger during the practice round.  
These next couple of pictures are of Rickie Fowler.  I love me some Rickie Fowler and it's been amazing.  Rickie Fowler was the 2010 PGA Rookie of the Year.  Not to mention being hot :) Rickie is 23 years old, is actually part Native American, and this will be his 3rd appearance in the Masters tournament.  He is known for his overzealous, BRIGHT outfits and is endorsed by Puma.  He has been an amazing example to the youth.  I enjoy watching him play because he is very simple and solid.  He doesn't have a lot of trick plays or shots, but he is very simple.  I look forward to watching him play this week and hope he can make the cut.As you can see by the outfits, he is very well known no matter where he goes. 
 So many people wonder why I'm so obsessed with this tournament.  I don't know what to say excpet I just AM!  I love the whole atmosphere of the tournament and it's a major tournament I look forward to every year.  It's the first major tournament of the year and spring is usually upon us during this time of the year so it makes things so much more exciting.  I am planning on attending the 2013 Masters tournament which I think would be sooooo much fun!  I definitely enjoy golf and enjoy every aspect of it because it has taught me discipline and responsibility.  If I am not disciplined mentally and physically, my game goes haywire.  If I am not responsible in my schedule and commitments, I do not play well.  Golf, I believe, is a game of finesse and adroitness.  If your physical and mental game are not in harmony with one another, you cannot and will not be successful in any golf tournament.  I'm so glad my Dad was able to be patient with me in my game.  I'm glad he was able to make me go to all these golf tournaments and camps.  It has helped mold me into the individual I am today.  I hope to never forget how much I love the game of golf and how much I have learned from it.  It has truly blessed my life for the better.  Go Tiger and Rickie!!!

Until next time,