Girls night!

Any chance we get for a girls night, we take full advantage of it.  Danielle works for Canyons resort and she gets a free room to certain hotels so she can get the feel of what the customers are going through when they call in asking questions.  We also got a $125 voucher to the Farm.  The food was amazing.  I got lamb while I think everyone else got steak.  It was so delicious and I was a fatty who didn't want to share.  Is that bad!?  lol.  Afterwards we told stories about skinwalkers and ghosts while eating dessert of course.  I wasn't feeling very well but was still up to hang out.  I didn't spend the night unfortunately, but it was still so fun to hang out.  Here are a couple of pictures of us that we took before we started changing into comfy clothes.  We all talked about how the only time we dress up is for girls night which is sad.  I love each of these ladies so much and I'm so glad we all get along and can have some fun even if it's just for one night.  
Until next time,