Walgreens fun

So this past Wednesday, Ali and I, went to dinner and then decided to go to Walgreens. It was so much fun! We didn't expect to have so much fun there like we did. We were busy looking around and found some candy cane pens where the ink smelled like peppermint. The pens were 3/1.00 which surprised me. I bought 6 pens and have never regretted that choice. Ali and I began looking at the crazy, cheesy headbands. Ali and I ended up getting the antler headbands. So funny. We look back and think that we should have gotten the elf ear headbands. We found our headbands when we saw these interesting Santa hats. I need to upload the videos we took. It was so funny. The bells on the hats would bounce right to left and music would be playing. Ali, at first, was a little uncomfortable and you could tell on the video, but on the next video, she got pretty festive. It was sooo funny. I laughed so hard especially after a dinner like the one we had.
I'm so glad to have been able to spend the night with my best friend forever. She is so awesome and is always making me laugh. We are both currently dating wonderful guys and we always tell each other we date during the week and then date our boyfriends on the weekend. So funny! I love you Ali and am thankful for your continued kindness and friendship. :)
So next time you are trying to figure out what to do, go to Walgreens and look at what fun things they have to do. You might be surprised.

Until next time,