I love you Fridaaaaaaaay!

Oh blessed day it is Friday. I've been so sick this week and I'm soooo looking forward to today. I get two days of sleeping in and resting. I've developed a congested cough which has made me being even more sick. I'm still so exhausted and tired. I can barely go out for an outing without getting so tired. 

On the positive side, I'm sleeping better. I am actually getting sleep. I feel so much better. I've been able to read my scriptures every day, make sure I pray always, and it's made the difference in my day. Even though I'm so tired and exhausted I have made sure to put time in having spiritual moments. I know Heavenly Father is watching me and I know He's helping me be better. I know He is there for me. I know Heavenly Father has a plan for me and I'm willing to let Him guide me. I know the Atonement is there for me and how blessed I am. He lives! What comfort this sweet sentence gives! I know that my  Redeemer Lives! 

Until next time,