For my Father....

I have been thinking a lot about the blessings I have in my life and I am particularly grateful for my Dad. What an inspiration he is to me and I'm sure to many other people. I always have to laugh about some of the characteristics and qualities I have obtained from him. For example my Dad is VERY Organized! Guess what!? I am SOOOOO organized. My life depends on my organization. There have been times that I missed school because my room was a disaster. Now you probably think I'm crazy to be saying that but it's the truth. My dad is very much an amiable and people person. He deals with people every day including me. My dad has worked for a company he currently works for for almost 38 years (in June) and because of this opportunity he has within the company, he has provided opportunities for his children to do things that we wanted to do. In high school, my Dad played football (he was the quarterback), basketball (he was AMAZING), and baseball (he was a fast runner). He was very much liked by many, many girls. ha ha ha. I always look at all the pictures he had when he was younger and he was cute. Of course all the girls were chasing him. My dad got the nickname "Bart" who was an NBA player but don't remember his last name. My dad loved to play basketball. Growing up my Dad would always play in basketball tournaments with older guys. There were tournaments set up for men that were 35 & older, 40 & older, 45 & older, 50 & older, get the picture. Me and my sisters that were twins would always want to go with my Dad. My sisters would always talk about all these cute guys that they liked while me on the other hand I would sit there watching my Dad play. If his team won the championship he always got MVP and most 3 pointers made. He was pretty awesome like that. I used to laugh at him run while he was trying to catch up with his opponent. Oh my dad was amazing like that.

Every year my parents would take us on trips and I am SO grateful for that opportunity that my parents gave us to explore the world. To be able to become open minded individuals and to never judge. I remember one time when I was younger and I had so much homework to do. My sisters didn't want to go with my Dad to the movies and my older sister talked me into going with him so of course I went. It was the greatest movie ever. We watched "Saving Private Ryan". Yes yes it's rated R but to be able to have that bonding moment it was worth it. Another movie moment we had was when all my sisters wanted to watch Apollo 13. Anyways my sisters would always talk about who was going to sit by who and what they would talk about. Well I said I wanted to sit by Dad and my other sister said she wanted to. So when we were sitting down I sat by my Dad and here yells out my sister, "I WANNA sit by Dad!" The whole movie audience looked at her and she sat down embarassed. It was so hilarious.

My parents took me everywhere when I played basketball. We traveled everywhere so I could play basketball. I started playing basketball when I was like 6 or 7 years old and by the age of 10 we were playing in National Tournaments. My dad was the booster president for the parents in which would all decide on which tournaments we were going to, etc. Oh those were the amazing days. My sisters that are twins were very much like my Dad growin up. My dad was very goofy and fun while my twin sisters were the same.

To this day I can't even say how grateful I am for my Dad...I can't even begin to say how much I love my Dad...He has blessed the lives of so many and will continue to bless many more lives. I am grateful for his mother (my grandma) for instilling some teachings in my Dad. I am grateful I chose my Das as my earthly Dad and am SO grateful I have been able to spend my life getting to know my Dad.

To my Dad...I love you! I know there have been times I have disappointed you but I hope there have been more times that you have been more proud of me. Thank you for everything in my life. Thank you for the support you have given me. Heavenly Father surely knew that I wouldn't be here without the help of you. I love you!

Until next time,