Don't be airheaded and naive...

Well last month (June 3rd) was my birthday. I normally spend my birthdays with my family, but this year I decided to do something fun. My two cousins, Kae and Amber, and my best friend, Elizabeth, decided to go to Las Vegas for some birthday fun. We on a Thursday since my birthday was on Friday. We got to Vegas, checked in, ate at Terribles Casino which is pictured below. It was very decent food and the price was very good as well. I enjoyed myself plus I got a free t-shirt for signing up for something at their hotel. We went back to the hotel and started getting ready for the night. While getting ready, we began to realize how thin the walls were. ha ha ha. I was sitting in the chair putting make-up on when I heard a female yelling...Now it was a "I need help scream", but more of a satisfaction yell (this is getting awkward). We all looked at each other and I said, "They're having sex..." We all started laughing and listened for a few seconds (which seemed to last forever). It was so funny to hear. We continued to put on our make up and kept hearing the "noise" and laughed every time. I will not put my picture up. I wish I had taken a video so we could all see each others faces and laugh all over. I later found out from Amber and Kae that these noises were two doors down. What the... And of course I went two doors down to hear what was going down. It was very hilarious and I think it was a good start to our Vegas experience. Too bad we didn't have an ipod player or anything. Here is a picture of Kae putting a glass to the wall to hear better. lol.
We went clubbing that night. We went to a club called Rockhouse where we got to listen to some good music. We listened to everything BUT "Shots" by LMFAO. Kae had never heard the song and we kept telling her about it, but she didn't hear it until our last night. We are all in love with the song and you will randomly hear us say, "shots, shots, shots, shots" It was sooo much fun. Met a few guys and enjoyed our night. Had a couple of guys say they will buy me a shot for my birthday. Of course I said no, but if I hadn't, I would NOT have known what to pick. LOL. I am very naive as you can tell. It's so funny to watch some people at the clubs (especially the nasty, skanky ones). They are to'd up!!! Well we went out of the club to get water (since everywhere you went only had beer or shots) and we saw these guys we had been dancing with. I don't really remember what was being said or anything, but that we were to meet these boys at a club so they can go back and change to make themselves look good (They were black....they already LOOKED GOOD). Anyways, we had a limo come pick us up and the driver was a little bitter towards us as the first words are, "There are only girl dancers...." We didn't really know what to think BUT we were getting into a club for FREE!!!! The limo was a little ghetto and it wasn't worth the money some people invest in. But we took pictures and had somewhat of a good time. We didn't know where we were going. I think the first thing I said to everyone was. "Is he taking us to a lesbian club?" This just shows how naive we really were. We were excited to be in a limo as you can see in the picture below. All of a sudden, we were driving off the strip. I seriously thought the limo drive was taking us to a brothel. We arrived to a building that was lined with limos and then we saw that it was a GENTLEMENS CLUB!!! WTF!!!! These fools told the limo driver to take us there so we could all hang out. Heck no (I was thinking other words)! Our limo driver was a complete d-bag and I wish I could take time back and call him something. We immediately got out of the limo, walked across the red carpet (yeah a red carpet) and got into the taxi line. We later heard from the guys saying they were waiting for us. Whatever! We then told our taxi driver everything (like he even cared) and he had so much sympathy for us and explained the mess we could have gotten ourselves in to. LOL! A learning experience for me that I will never forget.
After a night of dancing and doing crazy things (we got asked to have a sleepover with some we finally went to bed. We were soooo tired. On my birthday we went to Caesars Palace to the spa (I don't remember what it was called) and we enjoyed ourselves so much. It was way relaxing, calm, nice, warm, and very comfy. It was worth all the money I had invested in it. You wear these nice robes that keep you warm, you can go to different rooms for treatments and not to mention how spacious the spa is. After the spa, we went to Serendipitys to eat. We were seriously hungry by this time. Below is a picture of me with the menu. I think I had a hamburger and we all shared a frozen hot chocolate. It was insanely good. We finished all of our food and I think we were all ready for a long nap. Nope! We went back to the room and laid out by the pool to get our tan on. We got back too late to catch a lot of sun. It actually got cold since the sun was going down. We got ready for the night and then went to Lollicup (my favorite place to get smoothies) and got drinks! Oh my heavenly was amazing. If you have never been there, they're famous for their drinks that contain boba beads that are filled with nutritious values. They are very delicious and are little round pasta balls. I got myself a watermelon smoothie because I love watermelon. It was my favorite and I can't wait to go back to get Watermelon. Afterwards, we ate dinner, walked the strip, did some shopping to find myself a birthday hat, but ended up bunny ears. ha ha ha. We seriously looked for a tiara crown that says, "Birthday girl" everywhere, but nothing. Here is a picture for your enjoyment. We then went clubbing and later went gambling. I won a whopping $4.75 at my stay in Vegas and I'm very happy with that. It seriously was the best birthday ever! We all had hangovers (from the lack of sleep) but it was a fun birthday and trip!I think this trip taught me some important things: Do something fun on your birthday, enjoy your day with whomever you're with; things are too good to be true in Vegas; don't fall for anyone in Vegas; and lastly...WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS STAYS IN VEGAS :) Here is a picture of the four of us that had an amazing time :)
Until next time,