Oh how I miss it!!!!

Today is one of those days that I'm feeling down and I want to be in a happy place. Where do you think I would want to be? Yeah, that's right....I want to be at a golf course. Oh how I miss it so much! It seems as if my life isn't as complete as it is during the summer. I miss the summer months and how beautiful it is. I love the winter, but it means my golf game becomes a little rusty. It's the time I want to run away on the weekends to the desert and golf my weekend away. Oh how I miss it!!! I miss it so much, I could cry. It's as if the golf course is my escape from current problems. I feel like I'm able to deal with them better or have a more positive outlook. I miss it! I can't say that enough.
Hopefully my days get brighter and I am able to be happy and fully content. I just need to find a better addiction to help me get through life's troubles. I'm so grateful I have a loving Heavenly Father that has blessed me with the knowledge of golf. Oh how I miss it!

Until next time,

Lauren :)