Christmas baby :)

Oh my cuteness!!!  My baby is already growing up too fast for me.  My baby Sirae will be 4 months old on the 31st of December which is fast approaching us.  I have a few updated pictures of this sweet, precious baby.  Sirae is alert and she smiles at people she knows.  She is starting to notice people and sometimes she will start crying if she doesn't know you.  One thing that has become apart of her life....her binki or pacifier...Whatever you want to call it.  My sister and brother in law went to a work Christmas party and my sister was in charge of watching her.  Sirae is breastfed and has never had the bottle.  Tracie provided a bottle and pacifier for us.  Well Sirae decided to take the pacified which became her best friend.  Here are a couple of pictures of her with her pacifier in her mouth.  She adores her pacifier and starts crying when it's not in her mouth.  This is the very first picture of her with her pacifier in her mouth.  So stinking cute! This picture was taken on December 16, 2011.  Isn't she so previous?
The next few pictures are of Sirae at our family Christmas party.  She wore the cutest outfit ever.  So stinking cute!  I got her outfit from Target.  I love Target clothes.  They always look so cute on her.  Because Sirae is growing super fast, she now fits into 9 month old clothing.  I NOW have to plan for the future and start buying her 12 month old clothing.  She is more chubby but mainly long.  Here are a few pictures of Sirae and I at the party.  
The next set of pictures are of Sirae taken on Christmas day which is of course December 25, 2011.  I decided to buy her a Christmas pajamas since no matter what she wears, she always looks so cute.  Loving her outfit and bow.  I love wearing bows and I decided to make my own bow for Christmas.  My mother thinks i'm crazy, but whatever.  Sirae is once again stuck with her pacifier in her mouth.  
This last picture of my baby is the day after Christmas.  My mom and I visited my sister and her family.  We found Sirae in her outfit sleeping.  I thought it was so cute.  She was so comfy.  of course we found her pacifier in her mouth.  Before her pacifier existed, she used to suck on her fingers or hands.  It was quite entertaining.  I thought this picture was funny because it shows how upset she was at me for waking her up. She is still precious and cute.  I love her very much and
 continue to love her more every time I see her when I come back to NM. 

Well this concludes the update with my baby Sirae.  I can't wait to start comparing pictures of her when she turns 5 years old or older.  She is so loving and beautiful.

Until next time,