His first time!!!

Andrew not knowing what to expect
Well tonight was an interesting night. Andrew came over and I decided that we would go get manicures. Andrew had never had a manicure. I'm glad he has never had one. It makes me feel a little better. Haha. I'm not saying it would be bad if Andrew has had a manicure, but not all men do this on a weekly or monthly basis. Anyways, I hope Andrew sees this post. He's going to hate me for this post. Well we went over to the mall and then to the nail salon. It seriously was awesome. I think Andrew enjoyed his manicure. I definitely and always enjoy mine. I think Andrew was a littler nervous at first because he didn't know what to expect. 

After we started getting our manicures, a couple of the workers said, "How did you get him to come and get a manicure?" I said, "you just threaten guys by saying you are not going to do something and then they obey you...it works every time." I had Andrew pick out my color and I think he did a good job. Out of all the colors, he chose purple. It's my favorite shade of purple which is awesome. I'm glad he knew how to pick a color. At first he said, "blue..." and I was hoping not. Then he said, "purple", so I pulled out 5 different shades of purple. He picked the shade of purple I LOVE. He did a good job :) 

So next time you want a guy in your life to come get a manicure with you, just threaten something that involves them and they normally obey. Andrew and I have a unique relationship, but it's fun and I love him!!!! Thank heavens he puts up with me. Andrew is a pain at times, but I still enjoy him no matter what. I'm glad his first time was enjoyable. And I'm glad HIS FIRST TIME was with me :)
Until next time,