Tulle Skirt fun!

Who wants to spend over $100 on a tulle skirt when it in reality costs me about $20 total to make. Granted I had to buy some supplies (sewing pins, seam ripper, thread, and sewing machine needles) but was so worth the investment. My amazing 2nd counselor's wife (in my bishopric) let me borrow her sewing machine. Thank you Julie! I had seen a bunch of DIY videos and wanted something super easy! This was my first skirt and it'll get easier and easier as I make more skirts (don't worry I am in every color)! It was a lot of trial and error because I wanted to create my own way of sewing this skirt. 
What you need:
~ 4-6 yards of tulle (6 yards if you want a fuller skirt). You can purchase tulle anywhere from $1.50-$3.00/yard.  
~ thread (color of skirt). $3 for thread. 
~ 1-2 yards of satin fabric that will go underneath the skirt. I bought mine for about $7 for a little over a yard. 
~ 2 inch elastic band which can be purchased for $3-5 dollars. 

You'll need a sewing machine (obviously), sewing pins, seam ripper, scissors, and a GREAT attitude! 

I'm terrible at directons on how to do your tulle skirt so I'll tell you to go to YouTube and search 'DIY tulle skirt' and it'll bring up a few videos. 

After some patience, here is the finished product: 

Until next time,