Navajo magic!

I don't know if the emotion gods have left me but I felt happy today. It was so good but very tiring. Still adjusting to the medication is going to take a while but it didn't stop me from going out.  I had lunch with my family at Tucanos and then shopped for a while. I picked up my car that was in the shop and then went shopping some more with my bestie, Brooke. Afterwards I was so tired and needed a nap. I got home, put laundry in, changed into comfy clothes and sat on the couch wanting to call it a day at 7:30pm. 

Today, I am happy! I am a daughter of God. I am beautiful. I am Navajo. I am grateful. I am determined. I love myself. 

I know that tomorrow may be a bad day but I'm going to count my blessings and say today was a fantastic day. I am so incredibly happy to be alive and so grateful I have a loving Heavenly Father who continues to support me as much as He can. My oh my, how blessed I am! 

Until next time,